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The Most Amazing Sports Story

It takes a lot to get me choked up, but this has to be the best sports story I have ever heard of or seen. ESPN ran a story on it and has the video online. If you don’t already have their player installed, it’s free and worth it. Just click here to watch this amazing 4 minute video.

Sandisk 2GB Cruzer Micro USB $68

Dell has a smokin’ deal on a 2GB thumb drive for $68.79.  This is perfect for storing assignments for travel or even as a safe backup.  I have the 1GB version of this that I paid almost exactly the same for.  This is a great buy!

Click here to snag it

Amazon has a great deal on the 1GB version as well for 33.29 after rebates.  You can grab that one by clicking here.

Social Bookmarking 101

del.icio.usThe idea behind “social bookmarking� has become incredibly popular lately as led the charge. In a nutshell, it is a website where you create a free account and then you can bookmark your favorite websites & pages by categorizing them with “tags� and even giving them your own description so that you can remember later why you bookmarked the site in the first place.

I was a skeptic and never saw much of a use for it at first. Then I had people asking me for links to sites for various reasons. I found myself sending the same links to multiple people over and over. Then I was in situations where I would be out of town or at work and wondering what the address of that neat site was that I found at home. I needed a way to share my favorite sites with not only other people…but myself as well! Enter social bookmarking.

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Working for a Newspaper

I have been working since October as an ad designer for The Atlantic News Telegraph. Recently, I was promoted to Composition Manager. A Composition Manager is basically just an ad designer that happens to be responsible for everything such as mistakes, new clients, layouts, department budget, computer issues, web advertising, and so on. The list could go on forever. I am taking on new tasks daily. I was promoted so quickly due to my eagerness to update and modernize the old. That was an important lesson that I learned right off the bat. Work hard and show enthusiasm for your job and you will be rewarded. When I first began working there, I noticed many things were still being done as they had 5-10 years prior. They hired me because I was in school, had a well organized portfolio, and many fresh enthusiastic ideas.

5 AM
A day in my life is very hectic and chaotic at times. The first thing I think about at 5AM before my workout is… Continue reading ‘Working for a Newspaper’

Being a Wife, Mother, Employee, and Student

Cris CouchAs a wife, mother, employee, and student at The Art Institute Online, life can be very difficult. I have found many ways in the past year, to make my life a little simpler. I am a mother of three beautiful little girls. My oldest is seven (she’s my cuddlebug), my middle girl is four (she’s my desibug), and my youngest is one (my monkey). My husband is a wonderful man who contributes by doing laundry, dishes, and staying home so I can work late. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I work full time at a local newspaper. There, I am the composition manager and carry many responsibilities. It calls for long hours and some working at home. I am also a part time student at AIO. I carry a 4.0 and work very hard to keep it that way. I also do some freelance on the side.

Many times in person and in class, I have been asked how I do it all. My girls are happy and healthy; I have a job I am great at, and a wonderful marriage. The answer is simple Continue reading ‘Being a Wife, Mother, Employee, and Student’

Canon 20D

Comes with the 18-55 lens for $1,179 now from Amazon!

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Free Fonts -Awesome collection of free fonts!


Free Stock Photography

stock.xchng – Looking for free stock photography? Look no further.