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Welcome to the New Art Institute Online Student Community

The Art Institute Online Student Community LogoWelcome to the completely redesigned Art Institute Online Student Community. This is a student community that is not affiliated with The Art Institute Online, but has been developed for the students by the students as each and every article that is posted will be created completely by a student of The Art Institute Online. There are categories of articles that fit practically any field of study and lifestyle, so take a look around as you are sure to find tons of useful information within this site. Some of the highlights are:
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Create a Word Doc or PDF without Word or Acrobat

AjaxWriteHave you ever needed to create a Word Document or PDF, but were on a computer that didn’t have Word or Acrobat? Well, if you have an internet connection, you’re in luck! AjaxWrite is a website that allows you to create a Word Document with practically all of the same types of formatting and tools that is available in Word. It’s quite amazing what is possible using Web 2.0 code and a little imagination. I played around with the website for a bit and saved both a Word Document and a PDF and they opened up perfectly on another computer with all of the proper formatting! That’s pretty impressive and incredibly useful if you find yourself without Word or Acrobat.

Check it out at .

Another aleternative for creating Word documents, PDFs, and others for free is Zoho Writer. Either one will do the job.

Cell Factor and AGEIA Physics – AMAZING!

I admit that I have been out of the video game loop for the last couple of years as I’ve been working and going to school so much that I haven’t had time to sneeze. I came across this video today though that I had to share. It’s for a new game called Cell Factor that will be coming out in 2007 for Xbox 360 and PC. What is sweet about it is that it uses AGEIA physics which adds so much realism to games with the ability to completely interact with practically everything. See some boxes you want to blast into the enemy? No problem. See a flag that you want to shoot holes through or just rip to shreds just because you can? Go right ahead. The detail and physics that AGEIA brings to the table is simply amazing and will open up a new world of computer gaming. Just check out the video below of Cell Factor in action.

If you want to read more about AGEIA physics and Cell factor, here is a great link with some more info: .

If anyone has any other links or info to share, please do in the comments below!

Create Music Videos from Computer Games

A few years ago I played a computer game called “Unreal Tournament” regularly and ended up playing a match against someone at a LAN ( ) that ended up being a fairly big deal. In order to make the match more interesting to show people, I took the highlights from it and turned then into a music video. I wasn’t the first person to do this, but I had a ton of people asking how I created a music video out of computer game clips, so I created tutorial on how to do it back in 2003. The tutorial became very popular around the world and led to many incredible videos being made out of games. This gave me an idea for my final project in Interactive Authoring II at The Art Institute Online.

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The Best Tips for Getting Started with Google AdSense

Google AdSenseMany of you are either running websites or about to get started as you move closer to graduation. More than likely, you will come across a point in your career where you will look to utilize some form of advertisement on your websites. It could be for the extra revenue or the added value that targeted ads bring to your viewers…either way, this article will tell you exactly what and what not to do when getting started in website advertisements.

Most of you know that this site has been somewhat a labor of love for me since January of 2004 with little-to-no compensation to keep it up and running. In order to continue to provide this source for the students I had to implement some form of advertising and/or affiliate marketing. I chose to go with Google AdSense as they seemed to provide the best and most relevant ads for content, which would create a win/win situation as users would get quality, related content while also helping to keep this site alive. I was completely new to the world of AdSense, but in a month’s time I learned so much…and you’re about to dramatically benefit from it. So let’s assume you’ve just setup an AdSense account and are ready to roll. Let’s break down the tips to help you succeed.

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Incredible 3D Art on Sidewalks

I came across this site that has some amazing 3D art painted on sidewalks.  Check some of these out!

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Automated Phone Support? Get a Human!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to hit 1 for English, 2 for customer support, 1 for hardware, 2 for laptops, 2 for blah blah blah….just give me a human! Automated phone systems have taken over our lives and and stolen a lot of our time. Fortunately though, there is a way around it! A database is available at that lists exactly how to reach a human at practically every major company in America. Some examples are:

  • Sallie Mae ‑ Student Loans 888‑272‑5543 Don’t press or say anything.
  • Apple 800‑275‑2273 Press 000; if virtual rep answers, say “operator.”
  • Dell 888‑560‑8324 Press 00 at each prompt.
  • 800‑201‑7575 Don’t press or say anything.
  • Cingular Wireless 800‑331‑0500 Press *## at each prompt.
  • Verizon Wireless 800‑922‑0204 Press #00 or enter phone # then 0 4.

Sliced bread doesn’t have squat on this!

Saab Rediscovers Cool

Saab AeroX – Saab has created a car that just screams “cool”. Check out this promo website…and check out the canopy!


Great Collection of Student Portfolios

Core77 has put together a great way to scan through portfolios of students of various art schools. As you can imagine, The Art Institutes International is well represented as you can see in this tag cloud below with the second most portfolios of any school:

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Make More Time in your Day with RSS

RSS IconPeople often ask me how I find out about news releases and such before the article makes it into a newspaper or magazine. Newspapers use to be the best way to get the latest scoop, but the internet has changed all of that. Many people bookmark their favorite websites to scope for information every day and can spend quite a bit of time going through each site just to find information that they are interested in. Fortunately, Really Simple Syndication (or RSS) has made that time-consuming process a thing of the past.

RSS is basically a way for you to “subscribe” to a site and they will send a “broadcast” each time they release a new article. It is basically the title of the article and a brief clipping of it or even the entire article. So you might be wondering what this means for you and what you’re supposed to do with this “broadcast.” Here is where the fun stuff kicks in!

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