Monthly Archive for August, 2006

Bryce 3D Software for Free

Bryce 3D for Free For a limited time you can get Bryce 5 for free! This deal is running until September 6, 2006 so jump on it while you can. They have both the Mac and Windows versions available to download, so this is an excellent (free) way to create your 3D projects.

Once you’ve installed your copy, check out some of the tutorials to help you create some nifty 3D masterpieces.

Link to Get Bryce:

Bryce Tutorials:

Apple Powerbook and iBook Batteries Recalled

It looks like all of the flaming laptops lately has sparked Apple to recall a ton of Powerbook and iBook batteries that were manufactured between October 2003 and August 2006. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall today with information on how to replace your battery free of charge. So if you bought a laptop during that time period, hop on the site to see what serial numbers are affected…unless of course you want to take the risk of frying your legs off…

Apple also has a page for the battery program so check that as well at

Search Engine Optimization Glossary

There are many times that I might throw out terms like SEO, CPC, 301 redirect, RSS, SERP, etc in my posts, which might leave you scratching your head. I just came across a nice SEO Glossary that defines practically all of the terms used in search engine marketing. It’s worth a bookmark as you will more than likely run into some terms you don’t recognize if you’re new to interactive media design. Hopefully this will save you some googling!

Create Free Flow Charts and Diagrams

Free Flow Charts and Diagrams There are numerous times that The Art Institute Online requires students to create flowcharts or diagrams for projects, which leaves a student wondering what to use. I have been known to just use Photoshop and create my own from scratch, but there is an easier way to create flowcharts and diagrams…and it’s FREE! I came across recently and it seems to be a easy to use and free website that can get the job done. The tools to create the diagrams and flow charts are easy to use and it allows you to print, save as a file, and share your designs.

So if you’re needing a quick, easy and free way to put some charts or diagrams together, check out!