About The Art Institute Online Student Community

The Art Institute Online Student CommunityThe Art Institute Online Student Community started out as an idea when a student had trouble finding a used textbook for a specific class. He soon began trying to contact other students that may have taken the class before, but couldn’t find an easy way to get in touch with them since The Art Institute Online didn’t offer a forum or other means of communicating with students. Seeing a need for such a forum, an idea was born. A rough, working copy of the forum was thrown together in that same day and then launched 3 days later on January 21, 2004.

Since then, there have been many changes to aiostudents.com as the forums are now closed, but the site remains online to provide students of The Art Institute Online a place to share their opinions about the school with other students and anyone who may be interested in attending The Art Institute Online.

This website is not owned, operated, nor affiliated with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. It is simply ran by a former student as a platform for anyone that is interested in discussing The Art Institute Online.

Shane Eubanks
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