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Dell 2405FPW 24 inch Widescreen LCD for $799

This is a hot deal on a great 24″ LD monitor. This is the lowest price it has been in a long time and it comes with a 3 year warranty! It’s practically the same screen as the Apple Cinema Display at half the price. I use the 21″ version of this at work at it’s a beautiful LCD for graphics. I highly recommend it.

Sandisk 2GB Cruzer Micro USB $68

Dell has a smokin’ deal on a 2GB thumb drive for $68.79.  This is perfect for storing assignments for travel or even as a safe backup.  I have the 1GB version of this that I paid almost exactly the same for.  This is a great buy!

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Amazon has a great deal on the 1GB version as well for 33.29 after rebates.  You can grab that one by clicking here.

Canon 20D

Comes with the 18-55 lens for $1,179 now from Amazon!

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