Create a Word Doc or PDF without Word or Acrobat

AjaxWriteHave you ever needed to create a Word Document or PDF, but were on a computer that didn’t have Word or Acrobat? Well, if you have an internet connection, you’re in luck! AjaxWrite is a website that allows you to create a Word Document with practically all of the same types of formatting and tools that is available in Word. It’s quite amazing what is possible using Web 2.0 code and a little imagination. I played around with the website for a bit and saved both a Word Document and a PDF and they opened up perfectly on another computer with all of the proper formatting! That’s pretty impressive and incredibly useful if you find yourself without Word or Acrobat.

Check it out at .

Another aleternative for creating Word documents, PDFs, and others for free is Zoho Writer. Either one will do the job.

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  • is also a great tool for this. It was recently acquired by Google. This is something that will be happening more over the next year or so. Microsoft will be launching many of their Office products as web-based software as a measure to prevent piracy and to make it more useful for consumers.

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