Easy MLA and APA Citation Generators

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a paper is citing the sources properly in the end. First you have to decide whether it’s MLA or APA citations and then try and remember what format goes with which. You may have written the best essay in the world only to get docked points for incorrectly citing sources. Luckily the internet has once again come to the rescue. There are two great cites that will help you generate proper citations for both MLA and APA formats. All you have to do is put the info of your source into some form fields and it spits out the proper citation in an instant…for free!

Citation Machine provides an easy way to quickly create both MLA and APA citations. They have updated the generator and dubbed it “Son of Citation Machine” and it now includes support for multiple authors. This is my personal recommendation for MLA and APA citation generators as it is easy, accurate, and FREE!

EasyBib helps you create a bibliography in MLA format and allows you to add multiple authors, which is a plus. They have a “pro” version that provides more features and even does APA style citations. It’s only $7.99 a year, so it may be worth it to those you that have to write a lot of papers.

Both sites are great for taking the drag out creating citations. They provide both MLA and APA citation formats for citing books, magazines, movies, websites, interviews, and so much more. If you know of any others, share them in the comments below!

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