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RSS IconPeople often ask me how I find out about news releases and such before the article makes it into a newspaper or magazine. Newspapers use to be the best way to get the latest scoop, but the internet has changed all of that. Many people bookmark their favorite websites to scope for information every day and can spend quite a bit of time going through each site just to find information that they are interested in. Fortunately, Really Simple Syndication (or RSS) has made that time-consuming process a thing of the past.

RSS is basically a way for you to “subscribe” to a site and they will send a “broadcast” each time they release a new article. It is basically the title of the article and a brief clipping of it or even the entire article. So you might be wondering what this means for you and what you’re supposed to do with this “broadcast.” Here is where the fun stuff kicks in!

I use a website called Bloglines ( ) to keep track of my subscriptions. The site allows you to create categories as you can see from my screen below. You then add a new feed, assign it a category, select a couple of basic options, and you’re on your way! Whenever that site posts a new article, the category that you have placed the site in will turn bold. You simply click the category or site’s name and the article(s) will be displayed on the right side of the page as shown below:


You can see the entire list of sites that I subscribe to and how Bloglines works with them by clicking this link:

So in a nutshell, RSS and a site such as Bloglines allows you to only access one site to get the news from every single site you are interested in! This is a huge time-saver and a great way to organize all of your favorite news sites. Plus, you can access this from any computer with an internet connection as everything is stored on the website. So you can access the latest news from anywhere in the world!

Paul Stamatiou is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his site is one that I subscribe to. He has written a very in-depth article about RSS and the most popular ways to use it, which you can check out by clicking here .

So how do you subscribe to this site? I’ve made it incredibly simple for you guys & gals. On the bottom-right of every single page is a section called “Subscribe” (Original eh?) that has two buttons. One is to subscribe to the articles and one is for the comments. The articles subscription basically delivers you the latest headlines from this site while the comments subscriptions will notify you every time someone posts a comment here. This way, you can stay informed on every new addition to The Art Institute Online Student Community!

So now you can stop firing up 20 websites to scan through before you start your day. All you need is one site and your subscriptions to save a ton of time, which you can spend in class, on this site, with your other half, or your kids. I know “time” is one thing that many of us do not have so hopefully this will give you a little bit more of it. 😉

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