Officially Boot Windows XP on a Mac

Boot Windows on a MacApple has released a beta application dubbed “Boot Camp” that will officially allow owners of the new Intel-powered Macs to boot Windows XP. This opens up a whole new market for Apple as their hardware will now run Windows XP and Windows-based applications. As a developer/designer I am often switching between my Mac and PC to test out designs, scripts, etc to make certain they look and work the same on both platforms. I also use applications that either run on just a Mac or a PC, but now I can have the best of both worlds…on one computer!

This is a huge move by Apple that is certain to appeal to many people that haven’t gotten their feet wet with Macs yet. The word on the street is extremely positive as well as Apple stock is currently up 9% today as of this writing with almost double the volume that it normally has in a single day.

Here are some links to other articles about Boot Camp:

Apple also mentions this on the Boot Camp page about running Windows XP on a Mac:

Word to the Wise
Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it’ll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.

In other words…Apple isn’t going to help you deal with the junk that infects Windows computers…you’re on your own! Enjoy!

Boot Windows on a Mac

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  • Woohoo! Well, Shane, get ready, get set, get virii! But it will be a whole lot faster on your Mac. LOL! Actually, I’m waiting for someone to port OSX onto an Intel machine. THEN we’ll be talking speed.

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