Ultimate Spell Check Tool for Classes

The new eCollege platform provides a nifty little spell check tool to use when creating posts, but many of you have said that it is weak a bit lacking. Well, fortunately there is a better tool available! Google’s toolbar available for Firefox and Internet Explorer provides an excellent way to spell check your posts. I created a simple video demonstration of how it works, which you can check out below. You basically type up your post, click the little “ABC” button on the Google toolbar and it will “highlight” all of the words that it thinks is spelled wrong. You then click on the word and it has a dropdown menu of suggestions. You can either select a word from the list or tell it that the word is actually spelled correctly so that it doesn’t highlight it any more. It’s the best and fastest way (that I have found) to spell check posts.

Head over to http://toolbar.google.com to install your own Google toolbar if you haven’t already. It will definitely make life at The Art Institute Online even better. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Ultimate Spell Check Tool for Classes”

  • That’s a great tip. I already have the Google Toolbar with the spellcheck, I just hadn’t considered using it. I guess that’s because it didn’t work on the last system. Speaking of which, maybe this is why we can’t use HTML in the new system…? Wouldn’t spell check choke on all of the HTML tags?

    By the way, I haven’t had any trouble with the spell check so far. It seems to catch everything for me, without getting too tripped up on non-standard words. There’s an “Add” button on eCollege’s spell check for creating your own dictionary, I presume. Have you tried it?

  • Between Google’s spell check and eCollege’s, I like Google’s a little better. It seems faster especially without the popup window like eCollege has. Also, eCollege pops up one word at a time, while Google simply highlights all of them, which allows you to fly through each word (at least for me).

    I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but the beauty of the Google spell check is that you can use it on any site (like this one) and it will keep your “dictionary” of words. Pretty groovy. 🙂

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