Incredible 3D Art on Sidewalks

I came across this site that has some amazing 3D art painted on sidewalks.  Check some of these out!

Those are just a taste of them…check the rest out at:

4 Responses to “Incredible 3D Art on Sidewalks”

  • sidewalk art on this sight is second 2 none, bad ass,as well as inspirational keep up the work

  • WOW 3d art is so cool. Im an art student in University of Ulster Belfast & i’d love to be able to do this one day.

  • Im an artist,and i had trouble figuring out how these were done. But once i saw pics from different angles, I see now. But they are still amazing! It would take me forever to figure out the perspective on a piece like these!

  • omg how do they do that i have got 2 show them 2 my friends!!!!!!!this is insane……its crazey

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