Create Music Videos from Computer Games

A few years ago I played a computer game called “Unreal Tournament” regularly and ended up playing a match against someone at a LAN ( ) that ended up being a fairly big deal. In order to make the match more interesting to show people, I took the highlights from it and turned then into a music video. I wasn’t the first person to do this, but I had a ton of people asking how I created a music video out of computer game clips, so I created tutorial on how to do it back in 2003. The tutorial became very popular around the world and led to many incredible videos being made out of games. This gave me an idea for my final project in Interactive Authoring II at The Art Institute Online.

Using Macromedia Director, I took the information from the tutorial and pieced it in with images, music, and some sample video clips to show people exactly how to make a music video using clips from a computer game. While Unreal Tournament was the game I used as an example, the method works for just about every computer game. The process used is strictly for Windows computers as there wasn’t any software available for the Mac at the time to capture video in games. If there is something out now, please mention it in the comments below!

In order to view the tutorial, you’ll need Shockwave Player installed in your browser…if you don’t have it, you’ll be prompted to download it…don’t worry…it’s free. So click here to learn how to create music videos from computer games or click the image below!

Turn Computer Games into Music Videos

There are a ton of great movies available online, but one of my all-time favorites is Fooze. The guys that made that video were a huge inspiration and resource for my first videos and the creation of this project. Another excellent vid is Annihilation. Another great one is GNA The Movie. If you’ve created any, throw a link in the comments below…let’s see what AiO students can put together!

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