The Best Tips for Getting Started with Google AdSense

Google AdSenseMany of you are either running websites or about to get started as you move closer to graduation. More than likely, you will come across a point in your career where you will look to utilize some form of advertisement on your websites. It could be for the extra revenue or the added value that targeted ads bring to your viewers…either way, this article will tell you exactly what and what not to do when getting started in website advertisements.

Most of you know that this site has been somewhat a labor of love for me since January of 2004 with little-to-no compensation to keep it up and running. In order to continue to provide this source for the students I had to implement some form of advertising and/or affiliate marketing. I chose to go with Google AdSense as they seemed to provide the best and most relevant ads for content, which would create a win/win situation as users would get quality, related content while also helping to keep this site alive. I was completely new to the world of AdSense, but in a month’s time I learned so much…and you’re about to dramatically benefit from it. So let’s assume you’ve just setup an AdSense account and are ready to roll. Let’s break down the tips to help you succeed.

DO NOT Click Your Own Ads:

To many of you, this may seem like common sense. The fact is that there are many publishers that abuse the AdSense system by clicking ads on their own site to generate revenue. Not only is it dishonest, it hurts honest people making honest mistakes…and this is where I learned some important lessons. As I was building this site, I added AdSense into the code to see the relevancy and quality of the ads that would be generated. I aim to give you guys the best information here, so I didn’t want to “muddy” the site up with “junk” ads. Here is where the first lesson comes in: DO NOT “test” ads by clicking on them to check out the target sites. Doing so will lead to you getting deactivated for life by Google. I had a misconception that they simply disregarded clicks from the account holder’s computer as I figured the IP, computer, browser, etc would be recorded and the advertiser would never pay for a click generating from that computer…WRONG. They turn your ads off, deactivate your account, and send you a farewell email…it’s almost as bad as getting dumped by your first crush. There is no warning…nothing. Just poof…wake up one day to tumbleweeds and dust. In order to control click fraud, they have a very firm policy regarding clicking your own ads. If you have to test the ads, though, you are not out of luck. Google has put together a “preview tool” that allows you to test the ads with no fear of getting deactivated. The tool is incredibly important and instructions for implementing it can be found at: . Bookmark that link as it is arguably one of the most valuable tips you will receive for using AdSense.

DO NOT Encourage Others:

Aside from testing your ads, do not even click them if you’re honestly interested in an ad. Don’t get your wife, husband, mother, father, dog, etc to click your ads. Leave the alone. Don’t encourage people to click them by adding text that says “CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THIS SITE” or anything of the sort. Simply stay honest and you’ll have a much better shot at having a long & successful career with Google AdSense. Simply Google – AdSense account deactivated – to see tons of stories of people immediately having their account deactivated without warning. Google reserves the right to deactivate a publisher at any time without any warning whatsoever. Trust me on this…it happens every day and can happen to you if you don’t follow the rules.

DO Read These Pages:

Many people don’t take the time to read through those pages, but I can’t emphasize enough how important they are. If you care about staying with AdSense…read them. If you want to be deactivated and have a practically 0 chance of being let in, then ignore them. If you break the rules, Google will deactivate your account for life. What this means is that you cannot open a new account and you cannot have anyone else open an account to place ads on your site. Google will have your information and any time it sees AdSense being placed near anything of yours they will take action.

DO Mind Your Own Business:

As scary is it may sound to use AdSense, the best advice I can offer is to place your ads on your pages and forget about them. I’m not saying to disregard content creation for the most effective ads…I’m saying that it’s best to forget that the ads are there and not click them, encourage anyone to click them, or even tell people about them. If you basically ignore them after you are satisfied with their look and placement, you stand a better chance of staying an honest & faithful AdSense member. Focus on your content to keep it relevant to your site and users and you’ll sleep much better at night.

You Got Deactivated…Now What?:

Many people will tell you that you’re basically done for if Google deactivates your AdSense account. Many times they will be right. There may be hope, though, if you feel that Google may have made a mistake. You are allowed to file an appeal to Google in argue your case, but there is one important thing to remember if you choose this route. Be professional. Google will glaze right over you if you reply with, “WHO THE @#^%& DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DEACTIVATING ME?! YOU BETTER TURN MY ACCOUNT BACK ON OR I’LL USE YAHOO’S SEARCH ENGINE FROM NOW ON!” That email will find it’s way to a Google campfire while the AdSense team sings “Kumbaya” while snackin’ on smores.

Instead, be professional. If you don’t know why you were deactivated…ask. Then offer to do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation. One of your users may have click-bombed an ad or your grandma clicked them while she was visiting you for Christmas thinking it would be a nice Christmas “bonus.” Whatever the case may be, try to find out what the deal is from Google…in a profesisonal manner. Offer logs of traffic or whatever they may need to help identify the problem. Be genuine about the situation. It’ll get you further not only with Google…but with other aspects of your life. When it comes to AdSense, they basically have you (the publisher) wrapped around their finger…and they can flick you away like a lil booger any time they please. So play nice and be nice. Don’t be a snot.

Final Words:

AdSense is a very popular advertising system that many web publishers have profited from. It may be easy to become wide-eyed at the potential of using AdSense on your sites, but be responsible about it and follow the rules. Google does not slap wrists when it comes to abusing their terms and policies. Those policies are the only warnings you will get. If you click on some ads accidentally, send the AdSense team an email stating so…this way the advertisers do not lose money on your mistake.

Be Smart
Be Honest
Good Luck!

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