Welcome to the New Art Institute Online Student Community

The Art Institute Online Student Community LogoWelcome to the completely redesigned Art Institute Online Student Community. This is a student community that is not affiliated with The Art Institute Online, but has been developed for the students by the students as each and every article that is posted will be created completely by a student of The Art Institute Online. There are categories of articles that fit practically any field of study and lifestyle, so take a look around as you are sure to find tons of useful information within this site. Some of the highlights are:

  • Hot Deals: Any deal that students come across that may benefit other students will be posted within this category. You might find deals on computers, software, books, microwave meals, or anything else a student needs. Check this page often as deals will likely pop up daily.
  • Comments: Being a student-driven community, we feed off of each other’s input. This is your chance to not only receive a lot of helpful information, but to also offer it as well. If you read an article that you have experience in or would even like to know more about, post a comment at the bottom of the article and the author or another student will be able to easily respond. We’re all in this together!
  • Author Profiles: Each author here at The Art Institute Online Student Community has a personal profile and a link to their personal website. If you ever want to know more about an author, just check out the bottom of their article for their bio and link!
  • Flash Video Training: What’s that? You’d like to know how to do a certain technique in Photoshop and don’t feel like reading through tutorials and websites? We will be making flash videos available to help you out and to show some of the latest techniques in our chosen fields.
  • Tidbits: On the side of the home page you will see a section called “Tidbits”. This is where some very useful information will be posted that doesn’t need as much room as normal articles. Already posted in the Tidbits section are links to sites that offer free fonts and free stock photography. These two links should be in any designer’s bookmarks! Stay tuned for more Tidbits!
  • All of this just gets us started here at The Art Institute Online Student Community. This is a bit of an evolution from the forum here that was created on January 21, 2004. Now the students not only have a place to chat, but a place to read and write industry & school-related articles that will benefit the entire student body. You’re not alone as you earn your degree at The Art Institute Online…the rest of us are here to make your life not only easier…but better. Let other students know about this site by posting in your classroom discussions as well. The more students we have contributing, the better our experience here at The Art Institute Online will be! Welcome to the club!

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