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Pros and Cons of The Art Institute Online

I often get asked if I enjoyed attending school online or if I would still do it if I had to do it all over again. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute Online, which is actually the “online division” of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. As I finished my degree in 2006, I decided to ask fellow students for some pros & cons of attending The Art Institute Online (AIO). Let me start by saying that this website is not sponsored nor endorsed by The Art Institutes so everything you read here are honest opinions and will not be sugarcoated. Students just tell it like it is on this site. So here is a list of their most popular responses in no particular order (keep in mind this is a collection of actual comments from students as described in August 2006):


  • Flexible Schedule – Do assignments and read lectures, books, websites, etc whenever and wherever you want
  • Learn Anywhere – Wherever there is an internet connection, you can be in class.
  • Few “tests” – Most grades are based on projects that help show individual talent and understanding rather than simple memorization.
  • Convenience & Flexibility – It’s good for those that prefer to work independently, but it does require a bit of discipline.
  • Convenience – Don’t have to worry about weather issues (like snow).
  • Anonymity – Because this is somewhat anonymous, people may participate more than they probably would in a traditional classroom setting where they would shy away from discussions.
  • Dealing with professionals in my line of work – Most everyone is already in the creative field in one way or another, so we can relate.

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